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Skywalkers Czech Republic Ltd.

was founded in 2005 in order to establish and operate a parachuting centre at the new airfield in Most. The Skywalkers Company is closely interconnected with the Paraclub in Most, its executives are long-term members of the Paraclub, which is active at the airport for over ten years (before it existed for 40 years as a parachuting-department at the old airport in Libkovice). The effort to establish a paracentre was based also on the previous activities of the local Paraclub in. skywalkers

Most, which, already several years ago, test-conducted weekend concentration trainings with jumps from L-410. After several-years long break, jumps from 4 km are returning to the airport in Most with Skywalkers Ltd. and its new PAC 750 XL aircraft.




is an aircraft developed in 2000 at New Zealand in cooperation with parachutists.
PAC 750XL is a single-engine, metal-structure low-wing monoplane for 17 parachutists. Thanks to its powerful turbine Pratt a Whitney PT6A – 34 engine and three-blade Hartzell propeller, this Rolls-Royce for parachutists is able to reach 14 000 ft in only 12 minutes, what every parachutist will appreciate. This aircraft is the first in Europe, which was imported with EASA certification. Thanks to the EASA certificate, we are the first in Europe to operate this aircraft with national registration mark OK-SKW. Our colleagues-parachutists in England, Sweden and Switzerland are operating this type of aircraft with ZK marks, what is the registration mark of New Zealand.


How to reach us?

The Most airfield is located about 3 km from the city of Most in the direction of the villages of Rudolice and Braňany.


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