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AFF training


What the AFF training is?

The AFF training means Accelerated FreeFall training. It is ideal for everyone who wants to pump a full load of adrenaline right into his veins with his own parachute, who wants to experience real free fall skydiving from an airplane, and who really wants to learn something and is not platting to quit skydiving quickly.


After a theoretical training, during your first jumps, you will be assisted by two instructors all the way from the jump out of the aircraft, after which they will get you in the right position in the air, up to the opening of your parachute. They will teach you everything you will need to be able to jump with just one instructor and later alone, while you will be able to control your body during the free fall, open your parachute without problems and land safely. The training ends after successful completion of 8 training tasks, what means at least 8 jumps. Each jump will be recorded by a cameraman, who will be in the air with you. This video-record will be of great use both to you and the instructor to analyze your jump. Jumps are conducted from 4000 m above the ground, what offers approximately 50 seconds of the free fall. After passing the training, successful graduates can jump on their own, under instructor’s supervision only.


AFF is the fastest way to learn how to control your body during the free fall and that way to handle the jumps from 4 km that are the most usual and most favourite. After passing AFF, everyone can jump on his own, under instructor’s supervision only, and in the subsequent training he can improve in one or more of the parachuting disciplines of his choice. It is the best and the fastest way to start real skydiving. The only way to jump alone – just with the parachute on your back into that great 4 km depth, to enjoy that view, that adrenaline, to wallow a little in there and than land safely. And to showboat a little :-)…

Who will guide you through your AFF training?

  • Jaroslav Smitka - AFF instructor
  • Roman Rybín - AFF instructor
  • Jitka Bastlová - AFF instructor
  • Karel Vlk - AFF instructor

AFF Conditions

  • One introductory tandem jump.
  • Minimum age: 15 years (authenticated written permit by parents necessary when younger 18)
  • Medical examination by an appointed physician.
  • Parachutist ID card issued by AeČR

How to order the AFF training?

For complete information and term booking, please contact Mr. Emil Franěk, phone number: +420 777 221 058.



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