Nefungují vám počítačové sítě nebo nemáte nikoho na správa sítí ? Kontaktujte společnost POČÍTAČOVÁ POHOTOVOST, která poskytuje nejen rychlý servis PC techniky, ale také profesionální správu počítačových sítí.

Tandem jumps


What a tandem jump is?


A tandem jump is the easiest way to jump from an aircraft. You do not jump on your own, but with a tandem-pilot. You are wearing a special harness, by which the tandem-pilot in the aircraft attaches you to his harness with a parachute.

In the height of 4000 m he jumps from the aircraft with you and together you will enjoy almost one-minute-long free fall. He will open the parachute in a safe height above the ground and after several minute you will land safely on the ground. You need no training, no medical examination by a physician, you will just call us and agree a term, come to the airfield and after a short introduction you will be ready to go onboard. What more, the whole jump will be recorded by a cameraman-parachutist, who will jump from the aircraft with you, so you will be able to recall this unforgettable experience anytime you want. Tandem jumps are suitable also as a surprise or a dream-gift for you friends and family, or even for a “good” boss.

Tandemový seskokTandemový seskok

Who will make your dream come true with you?

  • Václav Volf - tandem-pilot
  • Emil Franěk - tandem-pilot
  • Jiří Bureš - tandem-pilot
  • Jaroslav Smitka - tandem-pilot
  • Martin Dašek - tandem-pilot
  • Jiří Šíma - tandem-pilot

Kdy a kde skočit tandemový seskok?

You can tandem-jump at the airfield in Most on any day listed in our calendar of operating days.

How to order your tandem jump?

For complete information and term booking, please contact Mr. Emil Franěk, phone number: +420 777 221 058


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